Ramba Zamba at the Millerntor Gallery 2017


Millerntor Gallery celebrates its lucky 7th exhib

Bienvenido at Millerntor Gallery, a festival and eclectic playground for audio and visual artists from all over el mundo. It’s located inside the world-renowned Millerntor Stadion, home of the St. Pauli soccer team in Hamburg, Germany. I strolled and stumbled around with Monty from Holy Moly store and all I got were these great encounters and visual memories. Enjoy, experience the exhib on your own and stay gold, Lorenzo

Welcome to the Millerntor Gallery #7, inside the St. Pauli soccer arena in Hamburg, Germany

Sing-along: You’ll never drink alone!

The sexy squad consists of musicians from neonschwarz, Monty of Holy Moly shop fame, and photographer Eric Anders, who has a fotofolio in the upcoming Gude Zeit magazine #9.

Beware: the interview is in German and deals with topix such as Blumentopf, Backspin Magazine, Nikeata Thompson and some Palina Rojinski insider talk.

Cheers, freaks: viva con REBELZER cerveca!

Jamie in front of the Wall Of Trains, hosted by the legendary Underpressure graff store in Hamburg

One, two, three – hello unity!

El Scarfface Captain Retail and happy customers

Layercakebomb reppin MUC


Event hustler Vena S sportin‘ a HAZE shirt

Photographer Julian Furones is part of the exhib and in the youtopic book

REAM reppin' AFC: Mama said knock you over & out

REAM reppin‘ AFC: Mama said knock you over & out

Stay gold!

Stay gold!


Monty from Holy Moly store went 'Lorenzo, he's soo you!' True that and keep on shinin' and flyin' on, folks

Monty from Holy Moly store went „Lorenzo, he’s soo you!“ Tehe, true, oh, true. Keep on smilin‘, folks.

The Millerntor Gallery festival takes part until the 2nd of Juli. Take part and go grab a ticket: millerntorgallery.org/festival/tickets

Ramba Zamba times at the Millerntor Gallery #7

Ramba Zamba times at the Millerntor Gallery #7




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