MODE2 Interview


Graffiti legend MODE2 and Photographer Eric Anders

Well, here’s a little story I’m supposed to tell, but hell well … The interview with MODE2 was so in-depth, that it would be hard to dig to the essence of his answers. The lazy bum that I am, I am very pleased to present you a great visual solution to my lame behavior. The deus ex machina’s name is Eric Anders, a hip hop head and professional photographer. We went to meet the living legend at the Golden Hands Gallery in Hamburg, Germany. Eric asked questions and MODE2 answered them physically.

Ladies and gents, welcome to the visual interview

„What do you feel, when one of your paintings is sold?“


„Which emotion do you like to draw the most?“


„What’s motion to you?“


„What’s your facial expression while painting?“


„Are you satisfied with your paintings?“

„Which motion do you love to paint the most?“


„How do you feel  after having finished a painting?“

Thank you very much, MODE2

Photo by Eric Anders


Behind the scenes outro 

Photographer Eric Anders is also a passionate hiphop culture fan and loves to spin the tunes. In his early teenager years he was working on his DJ skills while looking at two The Battle of the Year posters, created by MODE2. He could not resist the opportunity to get a tag from MODE2 on one of his most influential records.

One very, very happy photographer Eric Anders and MODE2 signing his „Die Klasse von 95“, a German hip hop vinyl classic.

Cover artwork by MODE2


This interview shot looks almost professional:

Graffiti legend MODE2 interviewed by Lorenzo Taurino Gude Zeit at the Golden Hands Gallery in Hamburg

But truth to be told, this one here would be more appropriate:

Making up a quote could read like this: „So this is this lazy dude Lorenzo I spent half an hour with? Damn, Eric, I’m glad that we’ve done the photo questionnaire!“

Thank you, MODE2, Eric Anders and Doc Tornow/Golden Hands Gallery. Yours amateur, Lorenzo



MODE2  on insta

photographer Eric Anders on insta

and Golden Hands Gallery (insta) in Hamburg, as its current exhib THREE OF A KIND displays artwork provided by MODE2, DAVE DECAT and MISS VAM BLOOMING.



Here’s an interview in German with photographer Eric Anders, who has a fotofolio (including a portrait of MODE2) in the upcoming Gude Zeit issue #9:

PS2: Great art, great music. Great french skills required.



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